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Quorion Data Systems GmbH
An der Klinge 6,
Microsites Homepage:

Product Categories
All-in-One POS Devices (3)
Cash Registers (1)
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Quorion Data Systems GmbH Logo

Quorion Data Systems GmbH

Business Type: Manufacturer → Manufacturing Equipment
3 Categories , 3 Products Listing.

Company Profile

Quorion Data Systems GmbH
Quorion Data Systems GmbH
Quorion Data Systems GmbH

A Cash Register Manufacturer in the Heart of Europe

QUORiON Data Systems develops, manufactures, and sells innovative electronic cash registers and POS systems. The company headquarters are located in Erfurt, Germany.

Our product range encompasses the entire spectrum from small portable cash registers to sophisticated POS systems. QUORiON markets its cash registers globally in cooperation with selected distributors and partners in nearly 70 countries. Further, we develop marketing strategies for the individual countries and products in mutual agreement with our partners. The seasoned management team has been working in the information technology field for decades and has extensive experience in these activities.

QUORiON builds its business philosophy around highly customized, made to order cash registers. Additional elements include a customer focused approach, quick reaction time towards software requirements and a drastically reduced lead time.

QDS acquired a state-of-the-art production facility, ideally located in the heart of Europe. Our location is an integral part of the “reacting quickly to customer demands” strategy.

Factory Tour

QUORiON Product and Service Portfolio

QUORiON not only produces electronic cash registers, but also offers a variety of products and services to furnish the optimal POS solution for your business. For instance, our clients in fiscal countries place confidence in us, because we make the required changes in our POS software to fit your country's unique fiscal laws. Moreover, you can select from our complete range of peripheral devices to customize the system you order even further.

Why settle for generic products, when you can receive customization? Each POS system you acquire is an investment. By giving you exactly what you need, we help you achieve the highest return for your money.


Source Cash Registers with Confidence - QUORiON

A look at today’s point of sale market reveals a variety of manufacturers throughout the world. The Internet makes a host of these POS producers easily accessible. But HOW do you know which ones are reliable partners or just low cost manufactures with little else to offer?

Over the past decade, QUORiON has established a network that spans over 70 countries - proof of our reliability as a cash register manufacturer. Our partnerships are based on our unique way of doing business as well as distinct advantages that inspire trust and confidence in those that source from us.

Here are additional reasons why POS distributors in 70 countries source with confidence from QUORiON:
■Made to order, highly customized products - you buy what works for YOUR market.
■No minimum order quantities – no need to invest in large inventory. Stay as flexible as market conditions require. Order as needed.
■Flexible payment options – we accept money transfers, CAD, or L/C.
■Personal customer service - easy change request and order handling as needed.
■No costly service plans for distributors - receive POS software updates at no additional charge.
■Warranty – we offer spare parts valued at a negotiated percentage of the total order value. Many fiscal countries require spare parts to be on stock for several years. We can make such guarantees, if you need it.
■Long term partnership philosophy and objective.
■In-house & online support and training, if you need it.
■OEM logos for those who want to sell under their own brand names. Available by request.
■We offer self assembly kits for those countries that require goods to be assembled locally or charge high tariffs on imports. Available by request.

Quality Control

QUORiON Data Systems - Commitment to Excellence.

QUORiON relies exclusively on a network of distributors in each market, who in turn sell and service our POS systems. The industry today offers a variety of producers and products. In order to achieve and cultivate long term partnerships, companies must offer their B2B clients substantial value. This requires a commitment to excellence in terms of service and product. QUORiON has successfully worked with partners in 70+ different countries. Clear evidence that demonstrates our customer centered approach and dedication to YOU - our client.

We have found success in this competitive industry through our long term dedication to satisfy our clientele’s unique market needs. Our team works closely with you in order to produce the POS system that best fits your market - whether it is adding new POS software features or modifying POS hardware for specific purposes such as fulfilling fiscal law regulations.
Having problems with your POS installation or are unsure how to implement the latest features? Put your fears to rest - we will be there to help you. Personal assistance in problem resolution as well as responsiveness to your concerns are key ingredients in our corporate culture.

Furthermore, with over 25% of staff working in the RD department, we tirelessly work to perfect our products, expand software functionalities, and your requirements, so that you in turn can offer your clients all the tools they need to run their business. In case our QMP software does not include features you need, simply submit your request. Our engineers will be happy to take it into consideration. These are services, which you simply do not get from generic cash register manufacturers. Like ourselves, the big corporations produce quality products, but do you receive the same close knit, shoulder-to-shoulder support from them as well? Do they offer free training? Certainly not. Do they listen to your requests and make modifications to their products as your market conditions change? No way. However, it is exactly this kind of commitment that will help you get the most out of a business partnership.

Company Brief

Company Name:  Quorion Data Systems GmbH(QDS)
Business Type:  Manufacturer → Manufacturing Equipment
Registered Address:  An der Klinge 6,
Number of Employees:  51 - 100 People
Company Website URL:

Ownership & Capital

Year Established:  1999
Legal Representative/
Business Owner:

Trade & Market

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